Upcoming Film Cities in India to attract filmmakers from across the world and boost film tourism

Upcoming Film Cities in India to attract filmmakers from across the world and boost film tourism

Upcoming Film Cities in India

With the vast variety of languages in India, there comes different regional film industries. There have been many film cities around the country which are serving the film industry for ages. Some of the state governments have taken the decision to develop film cities.


Film City in Uttar Pradesh

In September 2020, the Uttar Pradesh government announced the establishment of a Film City in Noida. It is being said that the construction of the film city will be finished by the end of 2022 so that the shootings for movies can commence. A 1000 acre land near the upcoming Jewar airport is being identified for the film city. A film institute will also be set up along the film city on the same premise so that training can be provided in various fields of the film industry. After the announcement of the project, it was highly welcomed by the various prominent members of the film fraternity. 


Film City in Kerala

The decision to convert Thiruvananthapuram’s Chithranjali Studio into a film city was pending since 2016. Last year, it was decided to finally amend this decision. The film city is also being said to be made a permanent venue of the International Film Festival of Kerala. The project will be implemented on the 70 acres land of Chithranjali. The construction work had started from November 2020. The project is reported to be Rs 100 crores worth. 

Film City Madhya Pradesh

In December 2020, Narottam Mishra, the Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh announced that a film city would be coming up in the state soon. This announcement was made after Narottam Mishra met Rajkumar Santoshi, the film director. Santosh is shooting three movies in Madhya Pradesh in 2021. The Home Minister also said that the film city would also provide a ton of job opportunities to many people and would help with the employment. There have been no updates till when will the film city be ready to function.


Film City in Telangana

The government is trying to come up with a new film city in Hyderabad itself along with Ramoji. Last year, K. Chandrashekhar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana announced that the film city will be set for the international standards at the outskirts of the state capital on 1500 to 2000 acres of land. He also said that the plots would be allocated to different film production companies so that they can set up studios with the state of the art technologies.  


Film City in Haryana

In March 2021, the Haryana government said that the development of a film city is underway. The film city will be developed in Pinjore on 50-60 acres of land. The construction will be started soon. Along with the film city, the road proposed between Punjab to Chandigarh International Airport will also be on the line.


Author: Anishaa Rastogi



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