Varanasi’s famous Lolark Kund: Lord Sun’s own pond giving boons of child to infertile women

Varanasi’s famous Lolark Kund: Lord Sun’s own pond giving boons of child to infertile women

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Banaras or Varanasi, a city in India which is famous for its extraordinary blessings by the holy Hindu deities is a place which every Indian should visit in their lifetime to make their life blessed and free of sins before going to the Almighty’s house. Banaras is a city located on the banks of river Ganga, in Uttar Pradesh. It is seen as one of the biggest religious hub of the country. This article would explain briefly about the historically very famous pond located in the heart of city blesses people with child and cures leprosy and washes their sins. The Lolark Kund in Varanasi is another sacred site in the most ancient city. It has the blessings of both Lord Shiva and the Solar deity, and many people visit this site to get boons.

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The Epic story behind Lolark Kund of Varanasi

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It is mentioned in the Kashi Skhand (one of the seven sections of Skhand Puran) that lord Shiva sent God Sun (Surya) to Varanasi as emissary to bless the place with energy, vitality, virility, and purity after the decline of the 13th century. Surya in order to complete his duty divided himself into 12 parts known as “Adityas” (holy sons of Aditi and Prajapati) and settled and established each part in the whole space of Varanasi. Although Hindu calendar is based on lunar eclipse, later the 12 suns where identified in the months of the solar calendar. It is believed that Lolark is one of the ‘Adityas.’


There is another story related to Lolark. It is said that Kina Ram has blessed an infertile Brahmin woman with three children in this place during the Lolark Chath after being impressed by woman’s prayers. It (Lolark kund) was known as Kirmi Kund in Kina’s ashram then.


Due to these attributes of the place from the two powerful Gods Lolark is considered as a centre in Hindu mythology where thousands of pilgrims get together to pay tribute to them (the Gods) and witness the power. Some devotees come here to marry Lord Shiva, this signifies a symbol of sexual union.

The Lolark Kund : A sacred pond with many boons of curing leprosy including child

Varanasi's famous lolark kund

The Lolark Kund is located in south Varanasi, near Tulsi Ghat. This holy kund is considered as one of the earliest worship site in all of Banaras. The Lolark is named after the deity who is believed to have blessed this place, Lord Shiva’s “Lolarkeshwara.” Some believe that it is named after the nomenclature of Lord Sun. The Kund is regarded as a sacred place which is known for curing people of leprosy and blessing women who are incapable of conceiving a child with a baby.

Unique Architecture of Lolark Kund

Architecture of Lolark Kund

The very steep stairs surround the pond from the four sides. The water is 60 feet deep and it is believed that the holy water comes from ‘Pataal Lok.’ There are chances of many mishappenings at the bay due to very steep staircases. In order to prevent the accidental mishaps in the place during the other months of the year, it is protected and covered by the shield.  The side facing the east is marked by a long and an arched wall that allows the holy rays of the Sun to enter and bless the water.


With the reflection of sun in the holy water the people establish a connection between their belief and the stories behind this sacred place. People believe His powers are infused with the water.

Activities Performed by Devotees at Lolark Kund

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Thousands of pilgrims and childless couples come to Lolark Kund to take the holy bath here to get rid of their already done sins. They take dip in the holy water or sprinkle it over themselves. Hoards of married couple wish for a child most preferably a son but in some cases they believe a daughter can do as well in raising their empire. After taking the dip people usually leave their clothes in water as a remembrance. Fruits and vegetables are also left in the tank. Gold jewelry is also left sometimes in the water for the offerings to the Mahants and Brahmins for organizing the enormous event with lakhs of devotees.


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A colorful scenario is created in the place where people from all age group can be witnessed. After taking the holy bath women prepare cuisines in the open camp fire and distribute them to other devotees as ‘Prasad.’ It is believed that God Surya hardly disappoints the people who come here.


The couples, who are blessed with a child, usually visit this place an year after, where the child’s head is tonsured and the hair is dedicated and is offered to God Surya as a token of thanks. Thus, only one reason causes them to assemble in this social gathering, ‘the same believe.’


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