Village of twins: Mohammadpur Umari, Uttar Pradesh, India

Village of twins: Mohammadpur Umari, Uttar Pradesh, India

Village of twins - Mohamed Pho Umari, Uttar Pradesh, India 4

India is a place where there is numerous marvels. Some of them are mystical and amazing while some may be bizarre and hard to clarify. One such spot is the unassuming community of Mohammadpur Umri, prevalently known as the Village of twins. Umri as it is called popularly is a village in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh which is very famous for birthing twins since years.


Mohammadpur Kushambhi is the correct name of the village which is a very small one with a population of less than 900 people. It is sometimes labelled as the twin capital of the world due to the large number of twin people present. Out of an absolute populace of 600, there are right around 33 sets of twins here. The town flaunts a twin monozygotic (MZ) or indistinguishable twin birth rate that is multiple times the national normal and perhaps one of the most noteworthy in the world.

History of twins in Umari Village

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A cute pair of baby born in Umari Village

The earliest twins were a couple of twin young ladies brought into the world not long after the partition and independence in 1947.In this town each fifth home is said to have a couple of twins. While a few families remain totally immaculate by this marvel, there are other people who have numerous no. of twins in a family. A 10-people family in this town is loaded up with twins aside from the guardians.


The most shocking part however is this is not just limited to the residents, yet into creatures and winged creatures in the town also. It is an ordinary event for a hen to lay eggs with twofold yolks or for the cows and wild oxen to convey twins.


Reason for presence of twins

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There are various explanations being given for this twin quality factor. While the residents consider it God’s blessing or even partner it with something being available in the soil and water, researchers clearly assign it more in light of hereditary elements. A ton of Indian and worldwide researchers after some time have considered the DNA of these townspeople all the time are as yet confused over the purposes for this. It is something that can be seen across different religions and age gatherings and is given to be a blend of ecological and everyday environments chiefly because of an enormous number of intermarriages in the town.


Double the trouble!

Having such a significant number of indistinguishable twins in the town clearly gives the residents a great deal to share about the parody of mistakes that occurs regularly. From a similar kid being taken care of twice to an inappropriate individual being hit for another’s mix-up, the tales get more interesting from one house to the next.


Village of twins - Mohamed Pho Umari, Uttar Pradesh, India 2

In any case, having twins additionally brings a lot of monetary difficulty for the residents who battle to make a decent living. Regardless of the considerable number of guests who travel here consistently, almost no has been accomplished for the town by the Government; along these lines expanding the new born child death rate because of absence of available facilities, for example, clinical offices. Along these lines, in spite of the fact that the locals can be benevolent, be prepared to confront some obstruction also because of the day by day battles that they face.

Competing with the “Twin Town”

The humble community of Umri is regularly compared with Kodinhi in Kerala. Kodinhi shares the twin penchant with Umri with around 250 arrangements of twins among 2000 families. However, they are universes apart. While Umri is a town of poor and landless ranchers who experience money related difficulties; Kodinhi brags of well off families, most of them upheld by settlements from family members in the Gulf. The most unmistakable contrast however is in the clinical offices as Kodinhi has an ordinary specialist and even a twins relationship with a site which advances itself universally.



Author: Simran Grover





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