World’s Top 10 Most Bizarre Food Eaten in India

World’s Top 10 Most Bizarre Food Eaten in India

World’s Top 10 Most Bizarre Food Eaten in India

India is a country known for its diverse cultures all over the world. With different cultures across different parts of the country, a variety of food items are eaten authentically by these cultures. Every state or even region is known for its famous food items which are made over there only. There are some food items that are too bizarre to believe that they are eaten in India.


Let us have a look at some of the most Bizarre Foods eaten in India:.


Frog Legs: Frog legs are also famously known as Jumping Chicken. It comes from Sikkim. It is believed to have medicinal benefits which can cure stomach-related problems.


Phan Pyut: Phan Pyut comes from North Eastern parts of India. It is a vegetarian dish that is prepared from rotten potatoes. Even if the main ingredient is rotten, it is highly devoured by the people and it can be eaten both raw and cooked. Is it not sound Bizarre Food!


Eri Polu: Eri Polu might come out as the weirdest dish as it is prepared by silkworm pupae. It comes from Assam. Here silkworms are used after they have spun their cocoon and are then served with fermented bamboo shoots which are known as Khorisa. 


Baby Shark Curry: Coming from Goa, this dish is made from baby sharks which are difficult to catch. It is the star dish of the Goan Menu and is loved by the locals immensely. Also, this comes in one of the premium dishes of the area.


Dog Meat: Dog meat is surely more expensive than normal chicken meat but it is highly devoured in the parts of Nagaland, Manipur, and Mizoram. It is prepared in different ways and is highly eaten in tribal communities. 


Doh Khileh: As Doh Khileh comes from Meghalaya, it will very much look similar to the onion salad. But, the Bizarre thing about this dish is that it has the garnishing of Pig Brain with the pork. It has steamed pig brain garnishings.


Chaprah: When it comes to red ants, many of you might get irritated or feel agitated. But it is not the same case in Chhatisgarh. Here red ants and their eggs are consumed with some spices such as Chaprah. Tribes use red ants for various dishes like for garnishing, or for spicy and pungent chutney. 


Hilsa Eggs: Coming from West Bengal, Hilsa is one of the most popular fishes in the area. Its eggs are cooked in mustard oil and various spices. 


Sorpotel: Here is another Goan dish that is purely made of pig meat. Sorpotel, a Portuguese dish, also known as Chouricos, is made with pork offal or pig’s internal organs and entrails which are otherwise considered waste. 


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