Junk - Armadi Pieni: India
By admin / May 23, 2023

Unveiling the Dark Side of Fashion: Exploring SKY ITALIA’s Documentary ‘JUNK – Armadi Pieni’ by Filming Indo

The world of fashion is synonymous with style, glamour, and creativity. However, there is a hidden cost behind the glitz...

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tall building in delhi gurgaon noida
By admin / April 17, 2023

10 Biggest Towers in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida – A Guide to the Tallest Towers

Delhi NCR, which stands for the National Capital Region, is a sprawling metropolitan area that encompasses the national capital of...

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Dwars Door India shooting in Varanasi stuk tv thomas ruben
By admin / April 8, 2023

FILMING INDO – Best Media Fixer in Varanasi for Hassle-Free Production

In the world of media and film production, having a good fixer on the ground can make all the difference....

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film shooting at Taj Mahal 3
By admin / April 8, 2023

The challenges and rewards of filming in India

India is a country of diverse cultures, traditions, history, art, food and languages. Its vast and varied landscape offers a...

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Нужно ли разрешение на съемки в Индии
By admin / March 28, 2023

Нужно ли разрешение на съемки в Индии?

для съемок в Индии в большинстве случаев требуется получение разрешения. Это особенно относится к съемкам на общественных местах, в музеях,...

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Фотограф в Индии 5
By admin / March 28, 2023

Фотограф в Индии

Фотосессия в Индии Индия это колоритная страна, с необычными храмами и дворцами, достойными королей. Фотосессия в Индии это уникальная возможность...

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видеосъемки в Индии
By admin / March 28, 2023

все о видеосъемки в Индии

Невероятная Индия идеально подходит для съемки видеофильмов. Заснеженные гималайские горы, прекрасные моря Андаманских островов, золотые пустыни Раджастана, пышные изумрудные заводи...

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Textile manufacturing industry in India
By admin / March 27, 2023

Pollution caused by textile manufacturing in India: Impact on Environment and Public Health

The textile manufacturing industry is a significant contributor to India's economy, employing millions of people and accounting for a substantial...

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pharma industry hyderabad water pollution
By admin / March 24, 2023

Pharmaceutical Industry in India: How it Contributes to Groundwater Pollution and Contamination

The pharmaceutical industry in India has been known to contribute to groundwater pollution and contamination. The industry is one of...

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Bizarre Indian Village of Bachelors - Barwan Kala, Bihar
By admin / January 24, 2023

Bizarre Indian Village of Bachelors – Barwan Kala, Bihar

Located in the Kalmur district of Bihar, Barwan Kala is famously known for not seeing a wedding for 50 years....

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