Dhamek Stupa of Sarnath, Varanasi will be on UNESCO list

Dhamek Stupa of Sarnath, Varanasi will be on UNESCO list

Archaeological department is trying to include the ancient antiquities in the Sarnath archaeological ruins complex in the UNESCO list. In this regard, Superintending Archaeologist has started an exercise for inclusion in the UNESCO list by presenting an 800-page dossier of Sarnath’s antiquities to the DG of the Archaeological Survey of India, Delhi. If the heritage is included in the UNESCO list, then it will be the first of Benaras and the third heritage of the state.

Long running effort

So far, two monuments in the state, Taj Mahal and Agra Fort are included in the list of World Heritage. The Archaeological Department is already doing exercises to include the archaeological monuments of Sarnath in the UNESCO list. It has been on the UNESCO’s tentative list for the last 15 years. This heritage will come into the eyes of the world as soon as it is included in the list of UNESCO. This will increase the number of tourists. Heritage protection will be arranged on international standards. Accordingly, facilities here will be developed. Dhamek Stupa is a famous Buddhist shrine located at Sarnath.

Dhamekh Stupa is the place where Lord Buddha gave the first sermon

Lord Buddha preached

It is believed that Dhamek Stupa is the place where Lord Buddha gave the first sermon to his disciples. The foundation of the Dhamek Stupa was laid in the time of Ashoka, while the expansion took place in the Kushan period. It was completely ready in the Gupta period. Dhamek Stupa is like a solid circular turret. It has a diameter of 28.35 m (93 ft) and a height of 39.01 m (143 ft). This stupa was enlarged six times. Despite this, its upper part remained incomplete. A Chinese traveler, Xuanchwag, visited Sarnath in the fifth century. He has written that at that time there were more than 1500 Dharmacharya in the colony here and the main stupa was about 300 feet high.

Black spots on Dhamakh Stupa

Sarnath is known as the site of Buddhism. The soul Dhamek Stupa is considered here. There are black spots on it. The artifacts of Gupta period are eroding on the stupa. This is the result of departmental negligence. Erosion has happened so much that at present there are very few artifacts of Gupta period left on the stupa.


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