Maundy Thursday: Know everything about history and Significance

Maundy Thursday: Know everything about history and Significance

Maundy Thursday - Know everything about history and Significance

The Christian festival of Easter is very close. The whole world, wherever Christian community is there, they will organize the celebrations this weekend in memory of the death & resurrection of Lord Jesus, the almighty and everlasting.


As you are well aware that, this whole weekend is actually from Good Friday to Easter which is on Sunday is complete week where celebration takes place in each Christian community and family. If you are new to Christianity, You must be wondering what is Good Friday first, so actually on Good Friday, lord Jesus was crucified on the cross, whereas on Easter day, lord Jesus was back into live after being dead before he could reach to heaven.


So before that why is there Maundy Thursday?

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In Christian religion, the day of Maundy Thursday has a special mark. Maundy Thursday is the 5th day of Holy week. It is also stated to be a holy week where all the 7-days leads to the day of Easter. It is written in scriptures that on Maundy Thursday, lord Jesus took his last meal along with his twelve other disciples. After this meal only, the other day he was killed.


The Christian religion also says that the moment of dinner has too much significance as people thronged together and eat break & wine with some roasted lamb also. During this moment only lord Jesus instructed his all twelve disciples to have a thought of him whenever they eat break and wine post his death


Tradition of Maundy Thursday celebration around the world

As per the Christian tradition, As lord Jesus washed the feet of servant as a symbol of serving others, so at various Churches across the world, the head of the Priest washed feet of others, donate money and food to poor & needy.

In view to cornonavirus pandemic across the world, This occasion might not be celebrated with actual fervor. People are afraid of deadly virus and trying their best to stay indoors and avoid touching anyone or going out at public places.






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