Tasty Jalebas during the Kajari festival in Varanasi

Tasty Jalebas during the Kajari festival in Varanasi

Bhadra Pad Krishna ascended the dark night of Paksha Dwitiya, as the night passed, his city drowned in the ‘Sur Sagar’ of ‘Kajari’. The occasion was just and exclusively for women, the Khanti folk festival of Banaras, associated with the Kajri Teej, of the Ratajga, the thrill of the swing of the swing, the taste and aroma of the jalebas in hot syrup, the city of festive festivities, its forgotten memories was once again introduced.

Due to the changing environment, even though the festival is not being heard in the posh colonies that are being cut from the traditions, the old hamlet neighborhoods of the city kept the festivals alive through the zealous events of ‘Ratajge’.
The streets of Pucca Mahal of the city including Chetganj, Daranagar, Jaitpura, Sonarpura, Mukimganj, Khojwan, Pandeypur, Vishveshwarganj, Machhodari, Kabirchaura, Teliyabagh, especially the workers and lower middle class settlements, were celebrated. For a few hours, people shared the joys of the folk festival with both arms, bypassing all the evil in the right world. From the second half of the night, women’s groups started to gather at the mohalla temples and other festive shrines.

With the opening of ‘Bandha’, the swings started to swing and the streets were buzzing ‘Barse Sawan Rasdhar Ho, Savanwa Aileen Balamu ..’, ‘Hare Rama Krishna Bane Maniharin, Pahin Leenhi Saari Re Hari ..’ and ‘How to Play From rasabine songs like Kajaria, Badariya Gheri Aay Sakhiya .. ‘, in Saavn. This ‘Ratabhra’ festival, decorated with swings flying, refreshments of incandescent jalebas and collective folk singing, was seen moving till the third hour of the night. The role of the sweethearts in recognizing the festival was also remarkable, who had taken off the ‘ghan’ of the jalebies from the afternoon and created such a magic of ‘Khamri fragrance’ that people knew that tonight is Kajari night.
At these shops adorned with bandanas, the huge amounts of junk-like juices dripping with honeycomb were stopping the steps of the people. Even if everyone’s participation in the festival was not possible, these Jalebas played an important role in tying everyone in one thread with their taste.

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