Varanasi will get its own film city soon

Varanasi will get its own film city soon

Varanasi set to get grand makeover — Since Narendra Modi ji has become the MP from Varanasi, the city has been going through a lot of changes. The development in town can be seen everywhere. Besides a complete makeover, the Centre’s big plans for the oldest living city in the world includes a film city, developing a ‘greater Varanasi’, a mass transport system like the one in New Delhi, a trade facilitation centre, and a arts and craft museum.

Varanasi is also high on the agenda of the current government’s smart city project. A mass rapid transport system including a Bus Rapid Transport System- like the one in New Delhi – is being planned. There is also an exhaustive plan for ‘Greater Varanasi’ which will see the development of neighbouring towns like Sarnath, Ramnagar, Babatpur, Shivpur, Cholapur and Ganapur as satellite cities.

To boost tourism, plans are underway to promote ‘walking tourism’ and get heritage tags for several havelis, kothis and akharas. A cooperation deal between Kyoto and Varanasi, signed by Modi jiwhen he was in Japan, will strive to preserve the art and culture of the ancient Indian city.

The proposal for a film city was proposed by BJP MP and Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari ji. “Many films are shot in Varanasi. An organised film city can boost the local economy.

Plans for tourism

The government will identify, preserve and project more historical buildings as tourist attractions. It has planned to adopt measures such as better access by walkways and improved lighting that can make the city’s heritage structures more attractive.

Plans to attract more International Film Makers

It is also being planned that after several initiatives by the government, the city may attract foreign film makers to set their films in Varanasi. The city already has been getting huge demand for filming documentaries, films and tv programs. Now the film makers can show in best way by choosing the local artists and help of local line producers.

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