5 historical temples of India where, dogs are worshiped instead of gods & goddesses

You must have seen a lot of temples of gods and goddesses where people worship their respective gods, but have you seen such temples where dogs are worshiped, not gods and goddesses? Of course, it is a matter of faith. This temple of dogs is also a symbol of people’s faith. People’s deep faith is attached to these temples. Thousands of people come here and bow their heads like any religious place. There are many interesting tales and stories related to these temples of dogs. Which you might have also heard. But if you have been unaware of such temples till now, then it is even more important for you to earn this knowledge.

History of a dog temple is 100 years old


15 KM from Bulandshahr. In the distant industrial area of ​​Secunderabad, there is a temple about 100 years old, where the tomb of a dog is worshipped. A fair is decorated here on Holi, Deepawali. Bhandars (Open house free Food) are also organized in Sawan and Navratras. It is believed that every wish made here is fulfilled. There is a popular saying that about 100 years ago Laturia Baba lived and a dog also lived with him. It was believed that Laturiya Baba had Siddhiya but Baba could not see with his eyes. If Baba had to order any goods, he would take the help of his dog. His dog was no ordinary dog.


He was so intelligent that when Baba used to put the bag around his neck, he used to go to the market and bring goods for him in it. About 100 years ago, when Baba took samadhi (superconscious state of ecstasy in which the yogi perceives the identity of soul and Spirit) here, the dog also jumped with him in the same samadhi. People took the dog out, but the dog jumped into it again. People took the dog out of Baba’s samadhi many times, but the dog stopped eating and drinking. Laturia Baba had said before sacrificing his life that whenever I am worshiped in future, this dog will be worshiped before me. Since then the worship of this dog started here. It is said that by tying a black thread on the dog’s leg, the wish is fulfilled.

Bhairav ​​Temple of Chipiyana Village


Bhairav ​​temple of Chipiyana village near Ghaziabad has its own identity in the surrounding area. People come here for worship at the tomb of the dog built in the temple premises. A cistern remains near the tomb of the dog. It is believed that by bathing in the cistern, the effect of diseases like rabies disease, monkey bites, boils and pimples end. People make offerings to the dog statue made here and distribute it to each other. There is also a belief about dog worship that Baba Kal Bhairav’s ride is a dog. That is why the dog is worshiped here.


It is believed that the real story of the dog which has been built in the Bhairav ​​temple here is related to a banjara. It is said that about 100 years ago, a banjara named Lakha had built the tomb of this dog at a place inside the Bhairav ​​temple itself. It is popular about this samadhi that Banjara had a dog. Banjare had borrowed some loan from a Seth (financer). Unable to repay the loan on time, he mortgaged his dog to Seth. A few days later, Seth’s house was robbed. The dog neither barked at the miscreants nor woke Seth up. When Seth came to know about the theft in the morning, he got angry with the dog. After some time, the dog grabbed his Seth’s dhoti and took it to the place where the robbers had pressed the stolen goods. Seth was happy when he found the stolen goods. He freed the dog as a reward and sent it back to Lakha.


But Lakkha Banjare felt that his dog had broken the promise given to Seth. On this he shot his own dog in anger. Even after dying, the dog breathed his last by falling at the feet of Lakha. After this, when Seth came to Lakkha and told the reality, he felt very sorry. As a form of repentance, he got the dog’s samadhi built in the temple of Bhairav ​​Baba. It is believed that even today rabies patients get cured as soon as they offer prasad here. On the other hand, taking a bath in the cistern outside the temple ends the effect of dog bite.

Dogs have natural power to protect them from calamities

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A dog temple has been built in the village Chinnapatna, which comes under the Ramanagara district of Karnataka. Local people believe that the dog has the natural power to save the family of its owner from calamities. He also foresaw any kind of natural calamity, so this temple has been dedicated to this pet.


In this temple, idols of two dogs have been installed respectfully, which are worshiped on a daily basis. Two idols of dogs are kept in this temple. One of the idols is of white color and the other is of brown colour. They are worshiped by wearing garlands. This temple was constructed in 2010. There was no specific reason behind the construction of this temple, but it has been done to honor the loyalty of dogs towards humans.

Worship of female Dog queen in Jhansi


You have hardly seen or heard about the temple of female Dog queen. Yes, this temple built on the side of the road in Revan village of Mauranipur town, 65 km from Jhansi, can become a cause for shock for anyone. The idol of a bitch is installed in the temple. Local people come daily to offer water to the statue. There is no one who leaves without bowing his head in front of this statue. The female Dog queen installed in the temple is considered a symbol of patience.


There are Rewan and Kakwara villages in the Mauranipur area of ​​Jhansi. This temple is established between the two villages. This temple is built on a high platform. On this the idol of the dog has been installed. The statue of the dog is of black colour. It has been covered by making a small space on the platform. Here women go to worship. Here the worship of the female Dog queen started with an incident. Long ago this dog lived in these two villages. In any program of the village, this dog used to reach for food. People used to feed him also. Once this dog was between these two villages.


In the meantime, the sound of the ramtula (which was played to inform about the food in some program) came from the village of Rewan. Its loud sound reached far and wide. Hearing the sound, the dog reached the village of Revan to eat, but by then Pangat got up. Meanwhile, the sound of ramtula ringing came from Kakwara village. The bitch ran from Revan towards Kakwara, but by the time they reached, the fight ended here too. Village elder Ram Bahadur tells that the dog was ill. She got tired of running between the two villages and tired and sat between the two villages. She died here due to hunger and disease.


People buried the dog at this place. People say that the place where this dog was buried was turned into stone. Seeing this miracle, people built a small temple for the bitch. A few years ago, now the premity of a dog was also established here. People know this temple as dog goddess.

Kukurdev temple Chhattisgarh


The temple of ‘Kukurdev’ in Khapri village of Durg district of Chhattisgarh is not dedicated to any deity but to a dog. According to the information, this temple was built between 14th to 15th century by the Phani Nagvanshi rulers. Although there are idols like Shivling etc. along with it. It is believed that by visiting here, there is no fear of dog cough and dog bite.

History of the Temple

This temple built between 14th-15th century is very unique. Here in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple a dog statue is installed and there is also a Shivling next to it. The Kukur Dev temple is spread over a radius of 200 meters. Dogs have been installed on both sides at the entrance of the temple. Along with Shiva, people worship Kukurdev in the same way as Nandi is worshiped in common Shiva temples. There are pictures of serpents in all the four directions of the dome in the temple. Inscriptions of the same time are also placed around the temple but are not clear.




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