Agra: The largest footwear manufacturing hub in India

Agra: The largest footwear manufacturing hub in India

Agra -The largest footwear manufacturing hub in India 2

Agra is renowned all over the world not only for Taj Mahal’s beauty but also for the production of footwear. It is considered a very large footwear manufacturing center, not only in India but in the world as well. In fact it is the largest footwear market in Asia. Visiting India provides countless travel options, along with its rich history and culture to make it easy, you need a fixer in India to provide all media support for filming in India.


The footwear industry in Agra has an old link with the Mughal era. In India first footwear was created in Agra. Agra’s Leather footwear, known around the world for excellent craftsmanship. Fully handmade shoes are distinguished from class.


Agra -The largest footwear manufacturing hub in India 3

Agra’s footwear industry is this historic city’s traditional, generational, and primary industry. Agra leather manufacturing provides a wide range of leather boots, upper accessories, and other boots items.


It makes all sorts of footwear for men , women and children from sheep, buffalo and goat leathers, such as, Moccasins, Derby, Traditional Gloves, Sandals, etc .. Agra is commonly known for large-scale, closed footwear that is manufactured in Agra. Around 2,00,000 pairs of footwear are produced in Agra every day according to CLE.


The Agra footwear industry can be divided into the following three groups:

  1. Leather tanneries where raw material was processed (leather), but presently all tanneries in Agra are closed under the Pollution Control Act.
  2. Footwear factories which produce footwear and footwear components.
  3. Leather goods units are made in which suitcases, ties, ladies purses, etc are produced.


In addition to footwear, development of purses, bags and accessories has also began, in contrast with footwear, this was not of significance. Closed shoes and shoe uppers are manufactured on a wide scale at Agra among the major footwear brands.


Agra -The largest footwear manufacturing hub in India 1

Agra footwear market provides a lot of choice for customers. Agra is home to 5,000 footwear stores. Nearly 60 percent of the population relies on footwear trade, primarily in hand-made cottage footwear.


The sector hires approximately 2 million workers directly and similarly in indirect jobs, about 75,000 of whom are working in listed firms, while about 1,25,000 are working in unregistered units.


The pattern of footwear industry in town is that of a mixture of small-scale units and large-scale units that use mechanical equipment to manufacture footwear. Moreover, Agra’s footwear industry includes cottage units, medium units, and registered companies.


Agra -The largest footwear manufacturing hub in India

Today, Leather Industry occupies a pride of position in the Indian economy because of its important contribution to employment generation and export-oriented growth initiative in our countries. Today this sector is the nation’s sixth highest foreign exchange earner and accounts for about 4-5 per cent of our overall exports. Footwear industry is one of the main leather industry segments, currently spread throughout the world.


Agra is India’s main footwear production center, contributing about 65 percent of total domestic demand and a whopping 28 percent share of India’s overall footwear export. Agra’s total shoe business is more than US$ 100 million annually. Agra’s annual footwear production is around Rs 470. crores. The main footwear importing countries from Agra are USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Canada, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, etc.


Agra -The largest footwear manufacturing hub in India 4

Acknowledging the ability of Agra footwear industry, Govt. of India had been founded several institutions for the promotion of the industry in Agra, namely:


  1. State Trading Corporation (STC)
  2. Council for Leather Export (CLE)
  3. Leather Institute (GLI)
  4. P. State leather development marketing corporation Ltd. (LAMCO).
  5. Khadi & Village Industries (KVI)
  6. Bharat Leather Corporation (BLC)
  7. Central Footwear Training centre (CFTC)


The basic purpose of these institutions in Agra is to provide skilled manpower to the footwear industry by providing state-of-the-art technology, technical disposition, in-depth design knowledge, shoe making to professionals, is now one of the leading institutes where raw hand (fresh students) attend various courses and learn the art of shoe making, later serving Agra ‘s footwear industry.


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