Cruise in India: A perfect way to spend your vacations in a luxurious way between water

Cruise in India: A perfect way to spend your vacations in a luxurious way between water

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Does water excite you? Do you want to go on a vacation where you can enjoy the scenic beauty standing between the water? Are you the one who likes to have parties on a Cruise? Like the one in “Dil Dhadakne Do”. If yes, then you must know about some amazing cruisers in India that serves you with the best. For the best experiences, you can hire a fixer in India. They can help you with the confusion you have regarding the cruise experience in India. Also, if you want to shoot in or about these cruise ships, your fixer can help you out.


Indian Coastal Line

coastal line of india map India has a coastal line of 7516.6 kilometers. It touches some of the union territories and Indian states. It is divided into Eastern Coastline and Western Coastline.


The eastern coastline includes the Bay of Bengal and western coastline include the Indian Ocean. The state of Gujarat has the longest coastal line in India. And West Bengal has the shortest coastal line. Rice is mostly grown in these areas. Salt is produced in some areas. Coconut trees can also be found along the Western Coast of India.


Cruise: A Watery Experience

Cruise in India

A cruise is a ship that has all the facilities available which you will need while on a vacation. It has a club, bar, dining halls, casinos, swimming pools, spas etc. It takes you from one place to another through the sea route. It is taken up by people to enjoy the scenic beauty of a place as well as to enjoy the peaceful and exciting journey on a cruise. There are both privately owned and government-owned cruise ships in India. They offer you the best hospitality and cruise experience. Goa, Andaman, Kochi and Kerala are some of the popular cruise locations in India.


Cruise in India: Leisure and Luxury together

A cruise can be a whole different experience for you and your loved ones. Traveling through the sea route while enjoying at some exotic locations in India is what makes a vacation perfect. Whether you want to spend some quality time with your family. Or you want to shoot a documentary or feature film. These are some of the popular cruises in India that can be on your list.


  • Angriya Cruise

Angriya Cruise india mumbai goa trip booking reservation

Angriya is India’s domestic cruise ship. It is the first domestic cruiser in India. It takes the voyage on the Mumbai-Goa sea route. Besides, it also takes you through the Pristine Konkan Coast.


This 131 metres long ship has seven decks. It was built in Japan. Approximately 85 members work on this ship to provide you the luxurious experience. 25 out of them are marine personnel and 60 others are there for the hospitality. It has 11 different types of rooms for couples, friends, and groups. It also has a restaurant, spa, lounge, and pool. The average cost Angriya cruise is around INR 7000 per person for a one-way trip.


  • Jalesh Cruise

 Jalesh is a part of Jalesh Cruises Mauritius Ltd. It is the first multi-destination cruise in India. It is a complete blend of Indian food, culture, and hospitality. It takes care of your entertainment and adventure aa well. The name of the ship provided by Jalesh is ‘Karnika’. It has 14 decks and it is 245.08 meters long. It has 837 cabins in total.


These rooms are basically of three different types. These are- balcony rooms, view rooms, and interior rooms. It has all the facilities to cater to the needs of passengers of all age groups. It covers places like Lakshadweep, Goa, Diu and Mumbai in India. It covers Sri Lanka internationally. The cost of packages of Jalesh cruise starts from INR 28000.


  • V. Paramhansa Cruise Ship

Paramhansa Cruise india

It is the cruise ship of ViVADA Cruises. It is 55 meters long. It has four decks and 26 cabins in total. It has a gym, bar, restaurant, library, lounge, and 24 hours internet facility. It has all the arrangements for sun lounging, nature viewing and stargazing using night vision binoculars and telescope.


It has an exclusive area for live entertainment. Personalized events can also be arranged here. Starting from Kolkata, it covers Varanasi and Sundarbans. It costs around INR 63000 for a family of three.


  • MV Mahabaahu Cruise Ship

MV Mahabaahu Cruise Ship india

MV Mahabaahu, popularly known as the Brahmaputra river cruise is a five-deck cruise ship. It is 55 meters long. It has 23 cabins only. It has four different types of cabins. It covers the beautiful north-eastern state of Assam. Like others, this cruise also has all the facilities. For a family of three MV Mahabaahu’s average cost in INR 200000.


  • The Oberoi Vrinda Cruise

The Oberoi Vrinda Cruise

The Oberoi Vrinda Cruise is a luxury cruise. It takes you through the backwaters of Kerala. It has deluxe cabins with 24 hours personal butler facility. This cruise gives you the best five-star experience. You can choose from a variety of cuisines. The average cost for a family of three is INR 154000.


  • MV Makruzz Cruise Ship

MV Makruzz Cruise Ship

MV Markuzz is owned by MAK Logistics Pvt. Ltd. It is the first private-owned boat in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It was built in 2002 in Singapore. It has two decks. It can carry 280 passengers at a time. It takes you from Port Blair to Havelock island. For a single person, you have to pay INR 1407 for a premium seat, INR 1938 for the deluxe seat, and INR 3118 for royal seat.


  • MV Kavaratti Cruise Ship

MV Kavaratti Cruise Ship

This ship is 120 meters long. It has 6 decks. It can carry 700 passengers at a time. It takes you from the land of Kochi to Lakshadweep islands. It has a cafeteria and a swimming pool. On an average, it will cost around INR 60000 for an adult and a child for its Samundaram package.


  • Costa Cruise

Costa Cruise india mumbai, Maldives, and Cochin

Costa Cruise provides you some of the best international cruise trips. It covers Mumbai, Maldives, and Cochin. It has ships like Costa Smeralda, Costa Diadema, Costa Fascinosa, Costa Pacifica, Costa Fortuna and Costa Victoria. These ships can be booked for formal as well as informal events. All these cruise ships are different from one another. All of them have something special in them. You can enjoy facilities like a spa, jacuzzi and casino.


  • Alaknanda Cruise

Alaknanda Cruise varanasi reservation booking trip price ride

The recent addition to the list of cruises in India is the Alaknanda Cruise of Varanasi. It is 30 meters long and it has 2 decks. It can carry 110 passengers at a time. It takes you through 84 different ghats in Varanasi. This trip starts and ends at the Assi ghat. It is the most affordable cruise because it costs only INR 750 + GST per person. All these cruise ships cover exotic locations in India and abroad. They are different from each other but they provide you the best cruising experience.


Current status of Cruise Tourism in India

With the government looking forward to frame policies for the waterways. It is believed that Cruise tourism will also increase. With the increasing craze of cruise among people, this sector will grow shortly. But due to the recent COVID19 pandemic, the tourism industry is badly affected. As a result, nothing can be said about the growth of cruise tourism. It is because it is a branch of the tourism industry.



Author: Anjali Datt





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