Handicrafts Industry in Jammu & Kashmir

Handicrafts Industry in Jammu & Kashmir

Handicrafts industry in Jammu & Kashmir 5

The state of Jammu and Kashmir is world-renowned for its scenic beauty, environment bracing and expertise in craftsmanship. Kashmir Valley’s handicraft activities are famous worldwide for their quality, art and design. Kashmir, the state of India is a land of rich and varied culture, elegance, nature, festivals, colors, fragrances, languages and faiths, so Kashmiri traditional crafts offer all-beauty, integrity, shape and design. And if you want to capture the beauty all of this, you need to get a media Fixer FILMING INDO who can ensure to provide all the video shooting support for filming in India.


Jammu and Kashmir handicrafts present a fascinating spectrum of creative imagination and design that is intimately woven into their people’s way of life. Urban artisans’ resilience combined with their creative creativity expressed through a large variety of items has fascinated people around the world for centuries. Central Kashmir (Heart of Kashmir) is the gateway for this sector including Srinagar, Gandebal and Budgam.


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Jammu & Kashmir has a comparative advantage in the manufacture of high-quality and world-famous Pashmina and Kani shawl fabrics, silk, woolen and cotton fabrics and crafts such as papermaking, woodworking, Tila work, Sozni, Crewel etc. Such items are world famous-over due to their exquisite craftsmanship.


The Kashmir Valley is renowned worldwide for its paper machine, woodwork, silk ware, clothing, oor covering, basketry, metalwork, clay and ceramic mat weaving, leather furs and stone crafts. The Kashmir is renowned for making Kashmiri shawls which are also in great demand on the international market.


J&K ‘s Local Specialties report the range of production of crafts consists of:

  1. Jammu-Basholi Painting, Calico Painting, Phoolkari, (carved) Temples.
  2. Cashmir-Carpets, Cashmir shawls, carving of wood, mache of cloth, chain stitch, Namda.
  3. Ladakh-Carving and painting of wood, Clay molding, Ladakh Pashmina weaving, Ladakh carpets, Thanka painting and Fresha.


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This sector has tremendous potential to build sustainable jobs within and outside the economy. This is a labour-intensive industry, takes less money and is environmentally sustainable. The social cost of handicrafts is therefore less than that of other small and medium-sized industries.


The J&K Handicrafts Department plays a vital role in promoting handicrafts products in rural as well as urban areas by providing financial and technical assistance to unemployed youth and state-owned craftsmen for the establishment of micro and small units under various schemes in industrial sectors. Around 8,500 individuals are trained annually through the state’s 553 training centres. Handicraft activities occupy an significant role within J&K State’s economic system.


The handicraft industry is also a major source of employment for seasonal farm labour. It serves as an tool to improve rural people’s quality of living. It has tremendous potential as it holds the key to maintaining not only the current collection of thousands of craftsmen scattered across the length and breadth of the state, but also the increasing number of new entrants in the crafts sector.



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Handicrafts operations occupy a significant role within J&K State’s economic system. The sector is currently expected to hire 68.86 Lakh craftsmen. Government has introduced numerous initiatives to promote the development of the handicraft industry. In 1974-75, against the allocation of a mere Rs. 19.50 crore, the budget allocation for this sector during 1998-99 was increased to Rs. 24 crore. During 1998-99 handicraft production exceeded the Rs. 400 crore thresholds.


Exports of crafts including handmade carpets up to October 2014 were Rs. 17265.11 crores, which indicated an rise of 23.16 per cent over the same period in the 2013-14 financial year, and the allocation schedule for 2014-15 was Rs. 247.00 crore.


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The center / state government has initiated numerous schemes to encourage and prosper the handicrafts sector:


  1. Artisan Credit Card (ACC) Scheme: Indian Banks Association (IBA) has introduced a scheme to provide the Artesian women with timely and sufficient credit. This scheme will take advantage of both the rural and the industrial businessmen.
  2. Research and Development Scheme (R&D): This scheme is specifically aimed at solving the problems faced by the artisans with specific equipment, raw materials, construction, working conditions etc.
  3. Human Resources Development Scheme (HRD): The purpose of this scheme is to provide artisans with training facilities to support the handicrafts industry.
  4. Design and Technology Up-gradation Scheme (DTUS): This program includes the National Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Handicrafts Industry, Financial Support to State Initiatives, including Design Centers, Design Banks and Museums, Information, Conservation and Restoration of Rare and Languishing Crafts, National Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Handicrafts Industry.


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Author: Pallavi Bhagat






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