Human Library in India: Setting a new trend of storytelling

Human Library in India: Setting a new trend of storytelling

India’s Human Library 3

What if you could borrow a Human instead of a book to answer all of your questions? Yes, it is known as the Human Library. This novel idea encourages you to borrow a ‘Human Book’ or ‘human storyteller’ and listen to their story, removing prejudice and providing participants with a wider perspective.


A Human Library is a way for people in their community to reach out and interact with individuals they would not necessarily be associated with. Visitors to a library may have an opportunity to borrow Human Books and participate in conversation with the books during a scheduled event. Human libraries encourage diversity, celebrate differences and cultivate awareness of people coming from diverse backgrounds of culture or lifestyle.

Human Library trend across the world

India’s Human Library 2

Ronni Abergel created the Human Library started in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2000 in an effort to enact social change and promote dialogue about oppressed communities. This definition today exists in more than 85 countries around the world, known as “Private Library Organization.” The Human Library is present in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Australia, and Europe.


Human Library trend in India

India’s Human Library

Indore was the first city in India to receive a Human Library. Hyderabad, was next in India and then made its way to other Indian cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Bangalore, Rohtak, Chandigarh, Surat and Gurugram. These human libraries provided significant funding from individuals and the media.


How to start a human library

The Human Library is a low-cost initiative that can transform the lives of every  person attending.

Steps that we have to take when organizing the human library are:

  1. Identifying the artifacts and assessing the process value.
  2. Project Group Accountability.
  3. Selecting a place to host the event.
  4. Pick the books, and plan the catalogs.
  5. Selecting Librarians and training them.
  6. Preparation for book conference.
  7. Promote the library.
  8. Carrying out the event itself.
  9. The Library Evaluation.


How to become a human book

“Human Books” are a host of lifestyles and experiences that often come up against misunderstandings and discrimination. Books and readers have the opportunity to speak personally and privately in a structured, protected area within a limited period of time, but without any further commitment.


The book found in the Human Library is made up of people representing different groups who encounter or are likely to encounter prejudices and stereotypes and who may be the victims of discrimination and social exclusion, or at the end of the day, can only be people with stories that could give the reader a unique learning experience in the field of diversity.


If you’re like an open book and have valuable experiences that readers could benefit from learning about, or if you’re motivated to help challenge taboo and stereotypes through dialog and conversation, then maybe you can become a human book. Becoming an open book is also an opportunity to meet a lot of people who are different from you, and yet you will find that you share a lot in common.



Author: Pallavi Bhagat





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