Jodhpur: Second largest city of Royal Rajasthan with some exclusive craft materials

Jodhpur: Second largest city of Royal Rajasthan with some exclusive craft materials

jodhpur blue city of india craft

Are you a traveler? Do you like collecting special things from every new place you visit? If yes then India is the place. Here you can find exclusively made craft materials in almost every state. Also, with a guarantee that you will not find the same thing anywhere else around the globe. Now, you must be thinking that how they can guarantee you that? It is because these crafts originated in India. And the craftsmen are taking it forward from generation to generation.


Jodhpur: The Blue City

Jodhpur in the royal state of Rajasthan was found in 1949. Earlier the city was known as Marwar. It is known as Jodhpur because it was founded by Rao Jodha. The city is known as the Blue City because all the houses in Jodhpur are painted with different shades of blue. If stories are to be believed then it is because the blue color is related to Lord Shiva. And people living in the city worshiped him.


This city has a large number of historical architectures like the Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Ghanta Ghar, Chand Baori, Bal Samnad Lake, and many more that attracts tourists throughout the year. But the city is also known for its crafts.


Crafts in Jodhpur

Not just by its monuments, historical significance, food, and hospitality. But a city is also known for its craft. The city of Jodhpur is also known for its crafts. Some popular crafts of the city are:

  1. Dabu Printing 

Dabu Printing from jodhpur India

Dabu Printing is also known as ‘Hand Block Printing’. It is the art of washing, dying and printing till the final design is obtained. Dabu prints of Jodphur are very popular among the visitors. Local artisans are working for local markets as well as for big brands.

  1. Leather work

Mojari shoes from Jodhpur craft India

Another reason why crafts of Jodhpur are popular is their leather work. Mojari is a popular hand-crafted footwear. The work is divided among the men and women artisans. While the men do the leather work, women do the embroidery.

  1. Tie and dye

Tie and dye jodhur craft India

Tying and dying is the primary craft of Jodhpur. Rajasthani prints are famous around the globe. Everyone loves their bright and vibrant colorful dupattas. It has increasing demand among local and global traders. Women play a major role in this craft also. With the increasing demand, the artisans will surely earn a handsome amount in the near future.

  1. Durry (Rug) weaving

Durry (Rug) weaving in Salawas Jodhpur Rajasthan India

Durry weaving is another popular handicraft of Jodhpur. A village named Salawas is the hub where durries are woven. This village is famous for its hand-woven durries. These rugs cannot be found in any other place in the World.

Salawas: The Durry Hub

Salawas is located at a distance of 22 kilometers from the city center. This place is known for its handmade rugs. Craftsmen in this village are making rugs for ages. Their father, grandfather, great grandfather and great-great-grandfather were also in the same business. You can buy some really good rugs from your home. You can also experience the process of durry making. The two famous centers of hand-woven rugs are:

Pukhraj Durry Udhyog

Pukhraj Durry Udhyog is making rugs from generations. They are working as a co-operative. They are working with 48 families of the village that make rugs. It is the famous Durry Udhyog in India. It is managed by Chhotaram Prajapat. He is the son of Pukhraj Ji, the man who started this factory. It is registered as a small-scale unit under Government of India. They are making rugs using the traditional interlock weaving method. They don’t have any photographs of their designs. Every design is made by them without taking any help from a design book. It is among the must-visit tourist attractions of Salawas village in Jodhpur.

Roopraj Durry Udhyog

Just like the Pukhraj Durry Udhyog, Roopraj Durry Udhyog is also famous for its hand-woven rugs. They made rugs of different sizes. They use cotton yarn for warp and weft. Fast colors are used by them while making rugs. This makes their rugs reversible and washable. You can choose from a vast variety of designs and sizes. Moreover, these rugs are light in weight and require low maintenance. Roopraj Durry Udhyog is also registered as a small-scale unit with the Government of India. Their rugs are also popular worldwide.


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