Kamegowda knows as Water Warrior and Lake Man of Karnataka, India dug 16 lakes on his own strength

Kamegowda knows as Water Warrior and Lake Man of Karnataka, India dug 16 lakes on his own strength

Kamegowda the Water Warrior of Karnataka

Kamegowda, who hails from a small village in Mandya district of Karnataka, got noticed when Prime Minister Narendra Modi took his name in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ recent week. He was compared to ‘Water Warrior’. Also mentioning them, Prime Minister said that on his own strength, Kamegowda has dug more than 16 ponds in the village Dasnadodi and its surrounding areas.


At the age of 85 years, Kamegowda takes his animals to graze grass as well as he has taken up the task of digging new water in her village. Kamegowda says that there is a lot of water problem in his area, so he is engaged in the work of making small ponds to remove water problem in his area and to conserve water.


Kamegowda the Water Warrior of Karnataka lake man 4It is very surprising to know that until now Kamegowda has dug 16 ponds with his own hard work. It may also be that the 16 ponds he has built are not very big but his efforts are quite big. Today, because of so many ponds in the whole area, a new life has been found. It is worth mentioning that Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the entire countrymen aware of his life by referring to Kamegowda at the ‘Mann ki Baat’ program.


Kamegowda lives in a small house. His house is decorated with all the awards that Kamegowda has received so far. He reflects on the recognition he received for his work, including the state’s Rajyotsav Award. Kamegowda tells his whole story that he was 5 years old and he lived like a wild animal. His mother had 10 children; He had no special affection for his mother. He used to sleep with his sheep and other animals because he was much closer to them. He had no fear of birds and snakes. He has seen the animal closely, how much they get disturbed in the heat and roams around for water.


Kamegowda the Water Warrior of Karnataka lake man 3He saw this suffering of animals when he was young. Then he thought that if he could not reduce the suffering of these animals then he is really a monster. And then he started digging the pond.


For this success of Kamegowda, the Government of Karnataka has also announced a lifetime free bus pass to Kamegowda so that he can travel on buses operated by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation or KSRTC as per his wish. And he should not face any kind of problem.







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