Narad Ghat of Varanasi where Bathing May Disbalance Your Relationship with Partner

Narad Ghat of Varanasi where Bathing May Disbalance Your Relationship with Partner

narad ghat river ganges varanasi

Among the 88 ghats in Varanasi, where prayers can be enchanted for birth till afterlife, this unique ghat i.e. Narad Ghat is famous for its oddity. It is believed that the people who bath here can get rid of their toxic relationships and marriages.


Background of Narad Ghat

Around 88 ghats in Varanasi, between rivers ‘Varuna’ and ‘Assi,’ famous with their own unique and interesting story, Narad Ghat is no different. It has its own uniqueness and history. Narad Ghat is named after the sage of Hindu mythology. He is believed to have emerged from Lord Brahma’s (the creator of universe) forehead and is considered his son. He was a sage. He practiced sage hood, celibacy and linked it ultimately to self-cultivation and self-growth.


It is believed by the preachers that he dedicated his life to find the real meaning of existence of his and other human beings. He wanted greater orders in life. He is considered as the messenger of all the loks which are ‘Swarg Lok,’ ‘Dharti Lok,’ and ‘Paatal Lok.’ He every time chanted ‘Narayana,’ another name for Lord Vishnu (the operator of universe), which shows he was a true devotee of him. He is the one who has given introduction to the musical instrument, ‘Veena.’


Construction and Important deities

Narad Ghat background history river ganges varanasi stairs

All the ghats in Varanasi are remanufactured after 1700 AD under Maratha Empire. The Scindias, Bhonsles, Peshwas and Holkars, were all the patrons who helped in the reconstruction of all the ghats, associated with religious beliefs.


Narad ghat was previously known as Kuvai Ghat. It was constructed by a monastery chief in 1788, called as Dattatreya Swami. The temple at the ghat has four important idols of the deities which include Naradeshwara, Atrishvara, Vasukishvara and Dattatreyeshvar. Among these God Dattatreyeshvar is considered as incarnation of Lord Shiva (the destroyer of universe). He is also considered as ‘Adi-Guru,’ or the first guru of Adinath Sampradaya of the Nathas.


The Tantra Yoga

Lord of Yoga Lord Dattatreyeshvar

Lord Dattatreyeshvar was also considered to be the first ‘Lord of Yoga’. He exhibited various tantric traits. Tantra Yoga is a practice that is used to increase the awareness and connection between the couples. It can help in increasing the understanding between them and can bring them close, physically, emotionally, spiritually and unconditionally.


Reasons why Bathing is Prohibited at Narad Ghat for Couples

narad ghat varanasi bathing

Maybe believed as a superstition, or maybe as some reality, this ghat is known for prohibiting the couples from bathing in the Ganges holy water together. This is because people consider that if the couples bath together they will face problems in their future lives and their married life will be affected to a large extend. It results in dis-balancing and in some cases maybe divorce too.


This is probably because Sage Narad was a celibate or Brahmchaari and is considered to own this place.


While some people see this place as a blessing to end toxic relationships and even marriages. The situation of the couples decide whether this place proofs to them a boon or ban. That is why it is believed that people should bath individually here; this presents an opposite scenario for the people where they believe that they will be granted ‘Moksha,’ after their death.


Travel Tips for visiting Narad Ghat

  1. Be very aware of the slippery steps.
  2. If you want to take a bath, take extra pair of clothes with you.
  3. Hire a guide if you want to know about the background, history, construction etc.
  4. If you want to perform some rituals and practices, hire a guide and a priest both.
  5. It gets too much crowded at certain time of the day mainly at afternoon, so pre-plan your schedule of visiting this ghat.
  6. Do some before researches, homework, for some other ghats too for visiting them also and in case of doubt do ask about everything from the guide.
  7. Don’t visit during monsoons.
  8. If you are interested in the mythologies of Varanasi, do read as much as you can and do ask the domestic crowd around. They are ‘the best guides in disguise,’ believe me.



Author: Anjali Lavania





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