Surat: The Gems and Jewellery Hub of India

Surat: The Gems and Jewellery Hub of India

Surat - The Gems and Jewellery Hub of India special economic zone sez 1

Surat is the biggest diamond production center in the country. The Surat Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has over 100 listed companies and is rapidly growing as a leading jewelry manufacturing center. The Indian Gems and Jewelry industry is one of the biggest in the world, accounting for 29 per cent of global jewelry consumption. To explore this industry for for documentary purpose, you need a Fixer in India that ensures low-cost logistic support, provides permits and arrange interviews for filming in India.


India is the world’s biggest diamond cutting and polishing centre and exports 95 per cent of the world ‘s refined diamonds. About 8 of the 10 diamonds in the world are mined in Gujarat. 90 % of the total diamonds in Gujarat are handled by approximately 10,000 diamond units located in and around Surat.


Surat - The Gems and Jewellery Hub of India 1

With an 8 per cent gain, India has been the world’s third largest buyer of diamonds. There are more than 3,000,000 Gems & Jewelry players around the country, with the bulk being small players.


The overall exports of Gems and Jewelry for 2014-2015 amounted to about USD 40 billion.

  1. Cut and polished diamonds-$23.16 billion
  2. Gold Jewelry-$6.24 billion
  3. Gold Metals & Coins – USD 2.8 billion
  4. Gold Jewelry-USD 2 billion Colored Gemstones-$0.45 billion
  5. Other (Pearls & Synthetic Stones) – USD 1.5 billion



Surat - The Gems and Jewellery Hub of India employment

This sector offers jobs to nearly 2.5 million individuals with an economic opportunity of between 0.7 and 1.5 million over the next five years. 94% of foreign workers involved in the diamond sector are in India.


The Surat district is home to more than 5,000 diamond processing facilities, including some of the world’s most modern, large-scale diamond cutting plants, and more than 6,500 diamond manufacturers from nearby cities and towns.


The emergence of the working women and the metro-sexual man with preferences for wearable jewelry continues to give rise to growth. Significant investments of around USD 1 billion in the coming years are projected to be made by major retailers / brands that will catalyze the growth of the market, set higher expectations and generate demand across the value chain.


Surat - The Gems and Jewellery Hub of India 2

Overall annual sales of jewelry in India has crossed US $39 billion.The industry is the second highest foreign exchange earner in the Indian economy, accounting for nearly 15% of the country’s overall export earnings.


11 out of 12 diamonds are cut and polished in India. Diamonds mined in India constitute 55% of the world market in terms of interest, 80 percent in terms of cartage and 90 percent in volume.


Diamonds mined in Gujarat is reported to be worth USD 9000 million (2005), accounting for 80 per cent of India’s overall diamond exports. 90% of the total diamonds in Gujarat are processed by approximately 10,000 diamond units located in and around Surat, sometimes referred to as ‘Silky City Sparkling with Diamonds.’ The State is home to many centres of excellence, such as the Indian Diamond Institute, which offer courses related to the Gems and Jewelry industry.



Surat - The Gems and Jewellery Hub of India 3

In view of Gujarat ‘s current position in the global value chain of Gems and Jewelry, the State focuses on training and education with emphasis on design and diamonds.


Major institutions offering special classes on gems and jewelry

  1. Indian Diamond Institute (IDI), Surat;
  2. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Gandhinagar
  3. National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad



Surat - The Gems and Jewellery Hub of India special economic zone sez

Gujarat listed as the Gems & Jewelry sector as one of the main areas for growth. The production of SEZ by the state was one of the important factors contributing to growth.


A single product, SEZ specifically dedicated to gems and jewelry with accessible facilities, Gujarat Hira Bourse (GHB), is situated near the town of Surat. There is also a multi-product SEZ, Surat SEZ (SurSEZ), which also supports the development of the jewelry and design industry. The SEZ program was implemented to provide the environment and state-of-the-art services for trouble free.


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