Textile Industry in Kolhapur | India’s Town of Export Excellence

Textile Industry in Kolhapur | India’s Town of Export Excellence

Textile Industry in Kolhapur - India's Town of Export Excellence

The district of Kolhapur is one of India’s oldest textile centers and was divided into four subdivisions, i.e. Karveer, Gadhinglaj, Ichalkaranji and Radhanagri. Ichalkaranji also popularly known in Maharashtra as “Manchester” in Kolhapur District. Kolhapur is home to fine arts such as dance, sculpture, and theatre. So in case if you ever plan to make a documentary film in the town, all you need is a fixer in India “FILMING INDO” that promises low-cost logistical & media support for filming in India.


Ichalkaranji is one of Maharashtra’s fastest developing industrial areas, and is known for its manufacture and export of textile products and textile manufacturing.


Kolhapur’s textile industry comprises spinning mills, loom shed weaving, construction units, and garment factories.


The Deccan Co-operative Spinning Mill Ltd. came into being in Ichalkaranji in 1962 which was the first Asian Co-operative Spinning Mill. By 2010 this area has become one of the main centers for spinning mills in India with over 20 new spinning mills.


Until 1980 Ichalkaranji was popular for poplin cotton, dhoti, and saris cotton. The town’s weavers started making cotton, cloth, chiffon and fabric for school uniforms (khaki drill) in the mid-1980s. Most domestic and foreign fashion brands like Raymond’s of India, Armani, Banana Republic, Hugo Boss and Paul Smith use fabrics like seersucker, Oxford, herringbone, ripstop, chambray, tweed, and twill manufactured in or around the Ichalkaranji region.


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The Kolhapur manufacturing industry is also known for the Kolhapuri chappal, a hand-crafted buffalo leather slipper that is tanned locally using vegetable colouring. Many crafts include: hand-held silk printing; metal, bead and paste jewelry crafts; pottery; wood carving and lacquerware; brass sheet work and metal artwork oxidized; and lace and embroidery making.


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Ichalkaranji, known as the ‘Manchester of India in Maharashtra,’ has approximately 25 spinning machines of 1.25 lakh power looms, 20,000 semi-automatic looms and 9,000 shuttle-less looms to operate until December 2018, of a regular turnover of almost $110 billion (US$140 million).


Besides various power stations and hand manufacturing buildings, the town produces one crore meter of yarn which translates into a daily Rs 45 crore market. Of the overall output, 15 percent is exported directly and another 40 percent after processing is for indirect export. More than 50,000 weavers rely on their livelihoods working in the power looms in town, according to the locals.


Among the reasons that inspired Italian textile giant Tessitura Monti, Turkish textile manufacturer ‘Soktas,’ Bombay Rayon Fashions Ltd (BRFL), Raymond Zambaiti Ltd, German Menswear brands Liebe, Boys R Bad and Looty, etc., were the availability of a skilled workforce and the level of technical know-how and simple accessibility to the finest Ichalkaranji weavers.


Textile Industry plays an important role in the Indian economy and significantly contributes to its export earnings. Textiles exports share almost 30 per cent of total exports in the country. This is 20 per cent of the national production. It provides direct jobs for over 15 million people in the industries of mill, power loom and handloom.


Ichalkaranji is one of Maharashtra’s fastest growing industrial areas. The economy of the town is primarily driven by the textile industry. Textile products produced in town are sold throughout India as well as exported to different parts of the world. In the financial year 2014 to 2019 there was 313 billion Indian Rupee revenue of the goods and textile industry.


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Together with Ichalkaranji Co-operative Industrial Estate, Laxmi Co-operative Industrial Estate, Parvati Industrial Estate, and DKTE Textile and Engineering Institute, the Municipal Council has established a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company named ‘Ichalkaranji Textile Development Cluster Limited (ITDC) in order to enhance and expand the city’s infrastructure facilities.


Under the Industrial Infrastructure Upgradation Scheme (IIUS), individual members would contribute to the extent of approximately 50 per cent of project costs and the balance sum will come from the grant in assistance from the Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy, Government of India.


Ichalkaranji Textile Development Cluster (ITDC), a company incorporated under the 1956 Companies Act, is a special purpose corporation established by Ichalkaranji to undertake projects under the IIUS for infrastructure development. SPV company’s principal artifacts are:

  1. To form a Textile Cluster, a local agglomeration of small, medium and large textile and supplementary companies engaged in manufacturing, marketing and supplementary goods and services.
  2. Providing sufficient water supply, roads, drainage systems, power plants, general infrastructure facilities such as Textile Industries Waste processing plants.
  3. To include quality improvement facilities, specific test facilities, research and development .
  4. Providing fire-fighting facilities, traditional effluent treatment plants and supporting and improving vital textile, commercial and industrial infrastructures.


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Author: Pallavi Bhagat






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