Woollen knitwear industry of Ludhiana- ‘The Manchester of India’

Woollen knitwear industry of Ludhiana- ‘The Manchester of India’

Woollen knitwear industry of Ludhiana- ‘The Manchester of India’

Ludhiana became the hub of the woolen knitwear industry. The knitwear cluster of Ludhiana is diverse, and has developed a backward link. Ludhiana is well known for its hosiery products and exports these items to many European countries as well, this is why the Ludhiana has been tagged as a Town of Export Excellence by Department of Commerce & Industry, Govt of India. If you want to discover more of the Ludhiana knitwear industry, you need to look at connecting with FILMING INDO who is experienced fixer in India, provides all the media related services for filming in India for documentary or TV program.


The long-term government deal between Indian and Soviet Union allowed companies to sell woolen knitwear to the Soviet Union. Huge quantities of poor quality and low-cost products have been sold into the market. The knitwear producers from Ludhiana exported more than half of their overall output.


Ludhiana apparel industry diversified its products to winter jackets. In the mid 2000s, as the domestic demand for woolen knitwear and winter jackets expanded exponentially, the major outlet moved from export to domestic market.


The research by the Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) explains the present conditions of knitwear industry in Ludhiana (AEPC 2009). Ludhiana nearly monopolizes manufacturing winter wear for the region. In Ludhiana, about 95 per cent of India’s woolen and acrylic knitwear items are made.


Products from the Woollen industry are made mainly from wool and mixed yams. Such products include woolen shirts, pullovers, cardigans, slipovers, hats, boots, storages, tops, trousers, drawers, knee tops, mufflers, gloves, balacalva caps, jackets, ski jackets, etc.


The city’s woollen sector exports at least 30 percent of the products produced while 70 percent are exported around the country.


Woollen knitwear industry of Ludhiana- ‘The Manchester of India’ 1

There are about 10,000 to 12,000 units including units for spinning , weaving, sewing, chemical manufacturing, and clothing. 2,500 plants are export- and domestic clothing production facilities. Between them, there are 100 units of large scale with more than 125 sewing machines, 700 medium size units with 40 to 125 sewing machines, 1,700 small size units with less than 40 sewing machines. Along with clothing manufacturers, 6,000 units receive job work such as sewing, weaving, embroidery, and patching. 200 Fabric processing units. There are actually very few export focused systems.


Since the export share in Ludhiana’s overall turnover is only 20 per cent, domestic market is more important than export. The primary and indirect jobs of about 350,000 to 400,000 people in the apparel industry in Ludhiana. Local employment is smaller as much of their work is outsourced to nearby subcontractors. Producers tend to contractually hire staff to avoid paying their employees for the provident fund and the employee’s state benefits plan.


Ludhiana is Punjab’s economic hub, and it accounts for almost 90 per cent of the woolen hosiery industry in the country. The rising profits in this sector are luring more and more companies to make a debut in this field. In the knitwear sector it’s nearly 7000 to 10,000 crore rupees industry. Now, market trend is to retail only.


Every year Hosiery garments worth around Rupees 2000 crore are exported from Ludhiana which is a big income for both the state and the region. It is estimated that the overall installed production of Ludhiana hosiery products is about 5000 crore, of which almost 1000 crore worth of goods are exported.



Participation in the Ludhiana Knitwear cluster was aimed at resolving inadequate human capital endowment, limited foreign business linkages, and reacting to a declining domestic sector, low competition rates and limited institutional structure.


Punjab Apparel Park, a joint venture between PSIEC (Punjab Small Industry and Export Corporation Ltd.) and APPEAL (Apparel Promoters and Exporters Association of Ludhiana), is a Special Purpose Venture (SPV) founded by the Textile Ministry, Govt. India’s plan for business facilitation involves services such as excise duty and registration fee exemption, income tax, continuous power supply, single window clearance etc.


The Association of Knitwear, Garment and Related Industries was created with funding from UNIDO, the Cluster Growth Programme. The key goal is to work against the interests of a shared dream, unity of commitment, constructive involvement of the whole value chain , i.e., spinning, dyeing, weaving, garmenting, exporting, etc.


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