Working with the Environment to protect people in the Post-COVID World 

Working with the Environment to protect people in the Post-COVID World 

Working with the Environment to protect people in the Post-COVID

Novel Coronavirus, later named as COVID-19 by World Health Organisation (WHO) was first spread in Wuhan, China. Within a few months, it has spread in most of the countries in the world. Although it has brought with itself a lot of mental stress. But looking at the positives, it has also given us a ‘New Normal’ way of living. And people are enjoying this new normal.


Coronavirus and lockdown

coronavirus and lockdown

With the news of coronavirus spreading, countries started imposing lockdown for different periods. In India, PM Modi announced a 21 days lockdown on March 24. It was later extended for different periods for several times. At present India, is under its Unlock 1 phase. Where most of the places in India like places of worship and malls have been opened up. Until 10 June, India had a total of 2,76,583 cases with 1,33,632 active cases.


The New Normal

Have you ever thought that masks and sanitizers will become a necessary part of our lives? But now they are. One cannot even think of stepping out without wearing masks. Moreover, coronavirus had started a new wave of Work from Home and online learning. This has led to the internet becoming a necessity. Not just this but due to the lockdown condition of the environment has also improved. Air Quality in India surprisingly improved after the first few days of the lockdown. People started adopting a healthy lifestyle. It is believed that even after the situation gets back to normal some things will remain as it is. Masks and sanitizers will be used similarly as they are being used now. And this is what is called the ‘New Normal’.


Protecting People in Post-COVID World

Protecting People in Post-COVID World

Coronavirus is a disease that can be spread through touching and sneezing. Therefore, it is important to protect people even after this disease has vanished from the whole world. The environment is an extremely important factor that can help in doing so. United Nations Environment Programme states that it is important to work with the environment to protect people in the post-COVID world. According to the human health and the planet’s health are interlinked. So, protecting our environment will eventually help us in protecting ourselves. For that, we need to take care that pollution levels are not increased. Natural resources should be used efficiently. Wastes needs to be managed smartly. Preparedness for a pandemic like situation in the future is also important. One can always learn from the past and use that learning in the future.


Positives of COVID-19


Although coronavirus has led to a lot of mental stress. But it has also led to some positive changes. The way of working in corporate offices is completely changed. They have adopted the concept of work from home. It has proved to be more effective and efficient than working in a cubicle within a stressed environment. Twitter allowed its employees to work from home whenever they want even when the situation gets back to normal. Education also took a modern turn. Schools and Colleges adopted online learning. It acted as a great solution for providing education to the students. Students living in remote areas were also able to take classes from the ease of their homes. Also, many people took to e-learning platforms to learn a new skill. Internet was used productively. It was not just used for entertainment purposes.


If these practices are continued even when the situation becomes similar to as it was before the pandemic. It is believed that it will lead to a new digital age. Having options for working from home or working in an office will increase an employee’s productivity. They will be able to devote more time to their work. Less commuting will reduce pollution levels. And people will be able to breathe in clean air. In the case of education, online learning will become more fruitful with time. Students who cannot attend classes physically will not miss their classes. Also, discussions can be held in groups regarding different topics. Teachers and students can interact more often.


Post-COVID World

Increasing the use of the internet will also increase the need for professionals. It will create new jobs. People with technical skills will be able to get jobs easily. Demand for creative and technical people will increase. This will help in the rise of the digital media industry. It will also help in globalization. People living in one part of the world will be able to work with people in other parts of the country. This will only improve the economic condition of the country.


Once this pandemic ends the world will enter into its new self. The Public will be more aware of their health. The government will find ways to get itself ready for handling a pandemic in the future. And new opportunities will be there for everyone.




Author: Anjali Datt





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