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Filming in a foreign country can be a daunting task for filmmakers, especially when it comes to navigating the complexities of a diverse and culturally rich nation like India. This is where India Fixer step in, offering invaluable assistance to filmmakers seeking to capture the essence of India on camera. In this article, we explore the significance of India Fixers, highlighting the distinctions between them and traditional tourist guides or location coordinators. We’ll also delve into the attributes that make Filming Indo, represented by Rahul, stand out as a premier India Fixer in the industry.

Role of India Fixer:

India Fixers play a crucial role in the film production process, serving as a bridge between filmmakers and the multifaceted Indian landscape. Unlike traditional tourist guides, India Fixers are seasoned professionals with an in-depth understanding of the local culture, customs, and logistical intricacies involved in filming. They go beyond providing information about historical sites and tourist attractions, offering comprehensive support in terms of production logistics, cultural nuances, and access to exclusive filming locations.

Лучшая погода для планирования видеосъемок в Индии india fixer

Distinguishing Features of India Fixers:

Local Expertise:

India Fixers, such as Filming Indo, possess extensive local knowledge that goes beyond the typical tourist experience. They understand the nuances of different regions, languages, and cultures within India, ensuring a more authentic representation in film projects.


Logistical Support:

Filming in India comes with its set of challenges, from obtaining permits to navigating bureaucratic processes. India Fixers act as efficient coordinators, handling logistics such as transportation, accommodation, permits, and equipment rentals, allowing filmmakers to focus on their creative process.


Cultural Sensitivity:

A crucial aspect that sets India Fixers apart is their cultural sensitivity. They guide filmmakers on the appropriate way to approach and film in different settings, ensuring respect for local traditions and customs. This cultural insight is essential for capturing authentic stories without causing unintentional offense.


Industry Connections:

Established India Fixers, like Filming Indo, often have extensive networks within the local film industry. This enables them to secure permits faster, gain access to exclusive locations, and collaborate with local talents, enhancing the overall production value.

Производство видеофильмов в Индии India fixer

Filming Indo: A Premier India Fixer:

Represented by Rahul, Filming Indo stands out as a premier India Fixer with a wealth of professional experience. Rahul’s background in news and broadcasting, along with collaboration with renowned organizations like BBC, TV Asahi, France tv, ABC Australia, and Will Media, showcases his versatility as a fixer, producer, researcher, and location coordinator.


Filming Indo’s website, available at and, serves as a testament to their commitment to transparency and professionalism. The website provides detailed information about their services, previous projects, and testimonials from satisfied clients.


Pls get in touch, if you are planning to film your next project.


Jharkhand’s Haunting Horror: 1,050 Women Branded Witches, Murdered in 23 Years

Nestled in the verdant heart of India, Jharkhand whispers a chilling tale of injustice. For over two decades, a shadow of fear has loomed over its villages, fueled by the flames of superstition and discrimination. This is the story of 1,050 women, ostracized, branded as witches, and brutally murdered in cold blood.

Jharkhand's Haunting Witches 2

The Grim Reality:

Jharkhand, with its predominantly tribal population, is a land steeped in ancient beliefs and rituals. However, these traditions have been twisted into instruments of cruelty. Accusations of witchcraft, often fueled by personal vendettas, land disputes, or simply a desire to marginalize vulnerable women, have become a death sentence.


Victims of Misogyny and Misinformation:

Jharkhand's Haunting WitchesThe victims of this barbaric practice are often ostracized, ostracized from their communities, and subjected to unimaginable torture. Poverty, illiteracy, and a lack of access to legal aid leave them defenseless against the mob mentality that fuels these atrocities.


A Call for Action:

Jharkhand's Haunting Witches 4This is not just a regional issue; it’s a stark reminder of the deep-rooted misogyny and social injustice that continues to plague India. The story of Jharkhand’s witch hunts demands international attention. It’s a story that needs to be told, documented, and heard around the world.


A Spotlight for International Media:

This is where international news agencies and documentary filmmakers come in. Jharkhand’s harrowing narrative offers a powerful lens through which to explore themes of social justice, human rights, and the fight against superstitious violence.

Fixer & Line producer Jharkhand

FILMING INDO: Your Partner in Uncovering the Truth:

FILMING INDO, a leading production company in India, stands ready to support any media endeavor aimed at shedding light on this critical issue. We offer comprehensive production services, from logistics and permits to local crew and cultural expertise, ensuring a smooth and impactful storytelling experience.


Together, we can:

   Raise awareness: By bringing this story to the global stage, we can pressure authorities to take decisive action and implement effective measures to protect vulnerable communities.

Spark dialogue: Through powerful storytelling, we can challenge harmful stereotypes and ignite a much-needed conversation about gender equality and superstition-driven violence.

    Empower communities: By giving voice to the victims and their families, we can empower communities to fight back against injustice and reclaim their dignity.


Jharkhand’s witch hunts are a stain on India’s conscience. But amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope remains. By shining a light on this issue, we can work towards a future where no woman is condemned by superstition, and every life is valued and protected.


Join us in taking a stand against injustice. Let’s make Jharkhand’s haunting horror a catalyst for change.


#StopWitchHunts #Jharkhand #India #HumanRights #SocialJustice #Documentary #FILMINGINDO

The Statues of Lenin, Tolstoy, and Pushkin in New Delhi: A Bridge Between India & Russia

In the heart of bustling New Delhi, amidst the cacophony of traffic and the vibrant tapestry of Indian life, stood an unexpected trio of statues – Lenin, Tolstoy, and Pushkin, three titans of Russian history, their stoic gazes fixed on the passing throngs of humanity.

Lenin statue in Delhi India


Lenin, the revolutionary firebrand, stood tall and resolute, his piercing eyes reflecting the unwavering spirit of a man who dared to challenge the status quo. His statue, a testament to his enduring legacy, served as a reminder of the transformative power of ideas.

Leo Tolstoy statue in Delhi India





Tolstoy, the literary giant, exuded a quiet wisdom, his contemplative pose hinting at the depths of his understanding of the human condition. His statue, a tribute to his literary genius, stood as a beacon of intellectual enlightenment amidst the material pursuits of the city.

Alexander Pushkin statue in Delhi India









Pushkin, the poet laureate of Russia, bore a gentle demeanor, his eyes reflecting the profound beauty and melancholy of the Russian soul. His statue, a homage to his poetic prowess, served as a muse for the city’s aspiring poets and writers.


These three Russian icons, transplanted to the heart of India, represented a bond between two nations that transcended geographical boundaries. Their presence in Delhi symbolized a shared history, a mutual respect, and a deep-rooted connection that defied the tides of time.


The statue of Lenin, in particular, intrigued many Indians. They saw in him a revolutionary spirit that resonated with their own struggle for independence. His unwavering commitment to social justice and equality struck a chord with the common man.


Tolstoy’s statue, on the other hand, attracted the literati of Delhi. They marveled at his mastery of the written word, his ability to capture the essence of human emotions and the complexities of human relationships. His statue inspired them to delve deeper into the world of literature.


Pushkin’s statue, with its aura of romanticism, appealed to the city’s artists and dreamers. They found solace in his poetic verses, his ability to capture the beauty of nature and the fleeting moments of human connection. His statue served as a reminder of the power of art to transcend boundaries and connect hearts.


The presence of these Russian idols in Delhi was not merely a historical anomaly; it was a testament to the enduring legacy of cultural exchange and the power of shared values. They stood as symbols of a friendship that had weathered the storms of time, a friendship rooted in mutual respect and a shared appreciation for the arts, literature, and the pursuit of a just and equitable society.


As the sun set over Delhi, casting long shadows across the city, the statues of Lenin, Tolstoy, and Pushkin remained steadfast, their presence a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come. They stood as silent guardians of a friendship that spanned continents, a friendship that defied the odds and continued to blossom amidst the ever-changing landscape of global relations.

видеосъемки Производство видеофильмов в Индии

For Russian filmmakers seeking to capture the essence of India on film, FILMING INDO stands as a trusted partner, offering a comprehensive suite of production services. With a team of experienced fixers, field producers, and line producers, FILMING INDO seamlessly navigates the complexities of filming in India, ensuring a smooth and successful production process.


From location scouting and permit acquisition to equipment rental and crew management, FILMING INDO handles every aspect of the production, ensuring that filmmakers can focus on their creative vision. Whether it’s navigating the bustling streets of Delhi or capturing the serene beauty of the Himalayas, FILMING INDO possesses the expertise and local knowledge to bring Russian filmmakers’ stories to life.


With a deep understanding of Indian culture and customs, FILMING INDO bridges the gap between Russian filmmakers and the Indian film industry, fostering collaborations that enrich both cinematic traditions. As Russian filmmakers embark on their journey to capture the magic of India on screen, FILMING INDO stands ready to guide them, ensuring that their stories find a receptive audience in India and beyond.


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Protected & Restricted Area Permit for Foreign Journalists for Filming around India Border

India is a land of diversity, offering a rich tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and stories waiting to be explored and shared with the world. For foreign journalists or Filmamakers, documenting the various facets of India can be an exciting endeavor. However, obtaining permits to visit restricted or protected areas, including Jammu & Kashmir and the North Eastern States like Arunachal Pradesh, can often be a cumbersome process. In this blog, we will explore how “Filming Indo” is helping foreign journalists obtain these permits such as PAP and RAP hassle-free, making their reporting experiences in India more efficient and enjoyable.

Protected & Restricted Area Permit for Foreign Journalists ministry of external affairs

The Complex Permit Procedure

Foreign journalists seeking to visit restricted or protected areas in India must navigate a series of bureaucratic steps, involving multiple government departments. The procedure includes the following key steps:


Application through the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA): Foreign journalists, including those already based in India, must apply for a special permit through the MEA’s External Publicity Division.


Referral for Direct Requests: If a request is received directly by a State Government or any other authorized authority, it is referred to the MEA’s External Publicity Division, along with a copy to the Ministry of Home Affairs.


Prescribed form through Indian Mission: Foreign journalists visiting India on a short-term visit and wishing to go to restricted or protected areas are advised to apply for a permit in the prescribed form through an Indian Mission.


Required Documents: To apply for the PAP or RAP permit, foreign journalists need to submit various documents, including an application form, a letter from their organization, copies of their passport and latest visa, a photograph, and a tentative itinerary with travel dates.


The Challenge for Foreign Journalists

Navigating this bureaucratic maze can be time-consuming and frustrating for foreign journalists. Obtaining the necessary permits often involves lengthy processing times upto 3 to 4 months, which can disrupt their reporting schedules and make it challenging to cover time-sensitive stories. Additionally, the process can be confusing, especially for those not familiar with Indian government procedures.

Protected & Restricted Area Permit for Foreign Journalists ladakh leh jammu arunachal pradesh
Dutch TV Reality Show shooting at Protected Area of Ladakh surrounded by Indian Amry

Filming Indo: Simplifying the Process

Recognizing the challenges foreign journalists face when applying for permits, Filming Indo has emerged as a valuable resource. This initiative streamlines the permit application process, making it hassle-free and efficient.


Here’s how Filming Indo can assist foreign journalists:


Expert Guidance: We at Filming Indo offers expert guidance throughout the permit application process. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of Indian government procedures and can provide invaluable advice to foreign journalists.


Documentation Assistance: Foreign journalists can rely on us to help them compile the necessary documents and ensure that all requirements are met.


Fast-Track Processing: With our knowledge and connections, We at Filming Indo can expedite the processing of permit applications, reducing waiting times and ensuring that journalists can report on their stories promptly.


Transparent Communication: We maintains clear and open communication with foreign journalists, keeping them informed about the status of their permit applications and addressing any concerns or queries promptly.


You may say that Filming Indo is a game-changer for foreign journalists seeking to document the diverse and vibrant landscapes of India, including its restricted and protected areas. By simplifying the permit application process, offering expert guidance, and ensuring transparent communication, Filming Indo is making it easier for foreign journalists to share India’s stories with the world. With their assistance, journalists can focus on their reporting without the burden of bureaucratic hurdles, ensuring a smoother and more rewarding experience in the incredible land of India.


Contact us at in advance, if you are planning any story in border region of India, or you are planning to make a documentary, TV Reality Show or feature films. We will provide you detailed budget and guide you through complete process.


Filming Indo: Your Trusted Fixer for Shooting in Thailand

Thailand’s breathtaking landscapes, vibrant culture and diverse locations have made it a popular destination for filmmakers from around the world. However, navigating the logistics of shooting a documentary, Tv Reality Shows, film or a commercial project in a foreign country can be a daunting task. This is where Filming Indo steps in. As a leading fixer service provider in Thailand, we offer unparalleled expertise and local knowledge to ensure a seamless and successful filming experience. In this blog post, we will highlight why Filming Indo is the best choice for those looking to shoot in Thailand and how we can provide exceptional services at the best possible deals.

Why Choose Filming Indo?

fixer in bangkok thailand krabi bangkok phuket

Local Expertise and Connections

At Filming Indo, we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of Thailand’s unique landscapes, locations, and cultural nuances. Our team of experienced fixers are locals who have an in-depth knowledge of the country’s diverse regions, from bustling cities to pristine beaches, from lush jungles to ancient temples. With our network of contacts and relationships with local authorities, we can provide you with exclusive access to filming locations and facilitate permits and licenses, saving you valuable time and resources.

Comprehensive Services

We offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of filmmakers. From location scouting and production coordination to equipment rental and casting, we ensure that all aspects of your production are taken care of with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. Our team is well-versed in the local film industry, allowing us to seamlessly integrate with local crews and suppliers, ensuring a smooth workflow and a high-quality end result.

Cost-Effective Solutions

At Filming Indo, we understand the importance of working within budget constraints. We strive to provide the best services at the most competitive prices, without compromising on quality. Our extensive local knowledge allows us to suggest cost-effective alternatives without compromising your creative vision. We negotiate favorable deals with vendors and suppliers, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. With Filming Indo, you can expect transparency, reliability, and excellent service at affordable rates.

Cultural Understanding and Respect

Thailand’s rich cultural heritage and customs play a significant role in the country’s film industry. As a foreign filmmaker, it is essential to navigate these cultural sensitivities with respect and authenticity. At Filming Indo, we understand the nuances of Thai culture and work closely with you to ensure that your project aligns with local values and traditions. From advising on appropriate locations and costumes to providing guidance on cultural protocols, we help you create an immersive and respectful portrayal of Thailand on screen.

Seamless Project Management

Executing a film production in a foreign country requires meticulous planning and organization. With Filming Indo as your fixer in Thailand, you can rely on our expertise in project management. We handle all logistical arrangements, including transportation, accommodation, and catering, leaving you free to focus on your creative vision. Our team is available 24/7 to provide support and troubleshooting, ensuring that any unforeseen challenges are addressed promptly and efficiently.

fixer in bangkok thailand

Filming Indo is your go-to fixer service provider anywhere in Thailand

When it comes to shooting in Thailand, Filming Indo is your go-to fixer service provider. With our local expertise, comprehensive services, cost-effective solutions, cultural understanding, and seamless project management, we are dedicated to making your filming experience in Thailand a resounding success. From start to finish, we are committed to exceeding your expectations and delivering exceptional results within your budget.


Contact Filming Indo today and let us handle the intricacies of filming in Thailand, leaving you free to focus on bringing your creative vision to life.


Email at

Нужно ли разрешение на съемки в Индии?

для съемок в Индии в большинстве случаев требуется получение разрешения. Это особенно относится к съемкам на общественных местах, в музеях, на памятниках, военных объектах, в национальных парках и заповедниках, а также к коммерческим съемкам.


Нужно ли разрешение на съемки в Индии 1Для получения разрешения на съемки в Индии необходимо обратиться в соответствующие органы власти, которые могут варьироваться в зависимости от места и характера съемок. Например, для съемок в национальных парках и заповедниках необходимо обратиться к управлению парка или заповедника, а для съемок в государственных зданиях или памятниках – к соответствующим административным органам.


В любом случае, перед проведением съемок в Индии рекомендуется получить необходимые разрешения и ознакомиться с действующими правилами и ограничениями.


Процесс получения разрешения на съемку в Индии

Процесс получения разрешения на съемку в Индии может варьироваться в зависимости от места и характера съемок, однако в общих чертах он может выглядеть следующим образом:


Определить место съемки и характер съемок.

Прежде чем начинать процесс получения разрешения, необходимо определить место съемки и характер съемок (коммерческие, некоммерческие, фильмы, документальные фильмы, фотографии и т.д.).


Найти соответствующие органы власти.

Для каждого места и типа съемки в Индии существуют свои органы власти, которые выдают разрешения на съемку. Например, для съемок в национальных парках и заповедниках нужно обращаться в управление парка или заповедника, а для съемок в государственных зданиях или памятниках – к соответствующим административным органам.


Запросить разрешение.

После того, как вы определили нужный орган власти, нужно направить официальный запрос на получение разрешения на съемку. Запрос может быть направлен как по электронной почте, так и на бумажном носителе.


Предоставить необходимые документы и оплатить сборы.

Для получения разрешения могут потребоваться различные документы, такие как копии паспорта, визы, договор на аренду съемочного оборудования и т.д. Также могут быть взимаемы сборы за выдачу разрешения.


Ожидать ответа.

После того, как запрос на получение разрешения и необходимые документы были предоставлены, необходимо дождаться ответа от соответствующих органов власти. Время ожидания ответа может варьироваться в зависимости от места и характера съемок.


Важно отметить, что некоторые места и объекты в Индии могут запрещать проведение съемок вообще или разрешать только определенные типы съемок. Поэтому перед началом процесса получения разрешения на съемку в Индии рекомендуется тщательно изучить правила и ограничения в соответствующих местах.

Нужно ли разрешение на съемки в Индии 2

Лучше всего найти лучшую компанию по производству видео в Индии.

Найти лучшую компанию по производству видео в Индии может быть сложной задачей, поскольку на рынке существует множество качественных компаний. Однако, чтобы найти подходящую компанию, можно рассмотреть несколько вариантов:


В любом случае, перед выбором компании по производству видео в Индии, следует провести тщательный анализ и изучить отзывы клиентов, портфолио, цены и условия работы компаний, чтобы сделать правильный выбор.

Нужно ли разрешение на съемки в Индии 3

Как Filming Indo может помочь вам в съемках в Индии

Filming Indo – это компания, которая может помочь вам с организацией и проведением съемок в Индии. Они имеют опыт в работе с зарубежными клиентами и предлагают широкий спектр услуг, связанных с производством видео и фотосъемкой.


Какие услуги они предоставляют:

Подбор локаций

Filming Indo может помочь с подбором подходящих локаций для съемок в Индии, в зависимости от ваших потребностей и бюджета.


Подготовка разрешений

Как мы уже обсуждали, получение разрешений для съемок в Индии может быть сложным процессом. Filming Indo может помочь вам с подготовкой и получением необходимых разрешений для съемок.


Организация переводчиков и технической поддержки

Filming Indo может организовать переводчиков и техническую поддержку для вашей съемочной группы в Индии. Это может помочь вам с локализацией контента и обеспечением технической поддержки во время съемок.


Прокат оборудования

Filming Indo может помочь с прокатом оборудования для съемок, такого как камеры, световое оборудование, звуковое оборудование и т.д.


Транспортировка и проживание

Filming Indo может помочь с организацией транспортировки и проживания для вашей съемочной группы в Индии.



Filming Indo может помочь вам с пост-продакшн работой, включая монтаж видео, цветокоррекцию, звуковое оформление и т.д.


Другие услуги

Filming Indo может предоставить другие услуги, связанные с производством видео и фотосъемкой в Индии, такие как съемка документального кино, рекламных роликов, корпоративных видео и т.д.


В целом, Filming Indo – это компания, которая может помочь вам с организацией и проведением съемок в Индии, обеспечивая широкий спектр услуг, связанных с производством видео и фотосъемкой, и устраняя многие проблемы, связанные с организацией съемок в чужой


Если вам необходима консультация, пожалуйста,свяжитесь с нами.